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Update Take 2!

I didn’t realize how many posts there were here! (>.<) Which is a good thing, but means it’s taking me longer to get everything moved over.

That being said, I wanted to point out that I’ve set the new Stoki tumblr up to accept submissions (again, only those that follow the rules - which are listed for you as soon as you hit submit), to make it easier to keep track of things. If you have Stoki art and/or fic you want to submit to be posted on Stoki Love, or if you find a post that you think should be reblogged by Stoki Love, feel free to send along the link. :)

I’ve also set up disqus for the new tumblr - so you can comment on any of the posts.

And um, yeah. I believe that is everything. I will be leaving this tumblr here - mostly because I’ve no idea how to delete it, and if deleting would mean all the things I’ve spent all day reblogging from here would disappear - however while it will still be here, it will not be active (or well, LESS active than it’s been =P ) at all. If you want to share a link, or contact me etc. please do so via Stoki Love, as I will no longer have this account set up to receive comments/asks etc.


Right so, some of you probably noticed this tumblr has been pretty inactive. I created this tumblr before I realized you could create a secondary one off your main account - which means I have to logout and login whenever I post something here. Kind of a pain in the arse really, so I’ve not been keeping up with posting. (>.<) That being said, I’ve created a secondary tumblr off my main one and that will become the new place for Stoki goodness that I will be posting/reblogging.

I am reblogging the fanfiction posts from this tumblr into that new one. I am NOT reblogging the art as quite a few people have hissy fits over the “proper” way to use tumblr so I will only be reblogging art as I see it. I don’t have the time or inclination to attempt to search tumblr for art when everyone uses different tagging systems - so there may be less art here than previously.

That being said, if you would like to point me toward some Stoki art to reblog, I’ll check it out - bearing in mind of course that the rules for this new tumblr remain the same as when Stoki’d was established.

These rules go for both fanfiction and art:

- I do not post incest.

- I do not post threesome/moresomes.

- I do not post heavy kink (such as BDSM, D/s etc.).

- I do not post Mpreg.

- I rarely post Steve/someone else, Loki/someone else - unless it is INCIDENTAL background pairings (this tumblr is STEVE/LOKI specific).

- I do not post WIPs (unless I know the author and know that they will not have any of the above in said story).

There are NUMEROUS places to find the above already, so please don’t bemoan the fact I am refusing to post any of it here.

Right so, the new tumblr account - it is called “stokilove” and is still under construction as far as reblogging, and getting disqus and whatnot set up. If you want to avoid an influx of posts you’ve probably already seen, probably best to hang off on following it until I’ve transferred over all the fic posts from here.

Now that I do not need to logout and login to a different tumblr account, I will be more vigilant as far as posting Stoki bits and bobs of interest. ;)

Safe Keeping

Safe Keeping by forcryinoutloud

His mouth fills with the coppery taste of blood, pain radiating from his wounds, his body broken and uncooperative, his only saving grace his magic which still jumps to his command, opening a doorway to Midgard with a muttered word.

Tantalus Series

Tantalus Series by Valueofwords

Ruling Midgard did not work, there were too many obstacles in his way. And now, what he desires is always just out of his reach. A story about desire, obsession, and trying to find the right path when they all seem wrong.


Stoki Mistletoe by forcryinoutloud
Felt like a little Stoki love for Christmas. &lt;3


Stoki Mistletoe by forcryinoutloud

Felt like a little Stoki love for Christmas. <3

The Gift

The Gift by MissBecky

After the events in New York, Steve goes to Asgard in order to help bring Loki to justice. At his meeting with Loki, however, he chooses to follow a different strategy.


I draw this at middle of December, I think… I’m not sure, but…who cares? xD

I know the anatomy is still lame, but I hope you like it! :)